Selection Process

Kerala is divided into six zones for the purpose of selection

Zone 1 comprises of the two northern districts namely Kannur, Kasargode. The trials for this zone would be held at Kannur.

Zone 2 is made up of Kozhikode and Wayanad districts. The trials for this zone would be held at Kozhikode.

Zone 3 is formed by the Malappuram and Palakkad districts. The trials for this zone would be held at Malappuram, which in itself is a gold mine of football talent.

Zone 4 has Thrissur, Ernakulam districts in it. The trials for this zone would be held at Thrissur, an obvious choice being the headquarters of the club.

Zone 5 comprises of four districts namely Alappuzha, Idukki, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam. The trials for this zone would be held at Kottayam.

Zone 6 consists of Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram. The trials for this zone would be held at Thiruvananthapuram.

The selection of the first batch would be conducted during the month of April 2014. It would be advertised in all leading Malayalam and English dailies. The application forms may be downloaded from this web site. The first batch would be restricted to boys who, were born on or after 1st January 2000. The aspirants would have to produce valid documents to prove their age. Ours is a residential program and selected boys would have to relocate to our facility in Thrissur. We take care of all the needs of recruits like their education, accommodation, food, training, medical insurance etc. We have stipulated the first batch to a number of 30 recruits. Among the selected boys, a handful of outstanding performers would be provided with scholarship, i.e., all facilities free of cost.

Every batch would have exposure to competitive football through tournaments across India. We have the necessary contacts with academies and clubs to ensure this. Recruits would be contractually bound to Red star FC as the parents would have to sign an agreement with us on their behalf.

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Our first batch selection comes to the final stage as the 64 handpicked talents from across Kerala are ready to finish their dream run to Red Star FC Academy. Final selection would be held at Thrissur.

Date: May 5th, 6th and 7th 2014.

Venu: St. Augustin School Ground Kuttanellur, Thrissur.

# Name District
1 Jithin J S Thiruvananthapuram
2 Jerrin V Thiruvananthapuram
3 Neil Rex Thiruvananthapuram
4 Hari Sankar Kollam
5 Arjun Murali Pathanamthitta
6 Suwail Asharaf Alappuzha
7 Adarsh A S Ernakulam
8 Amal Francis Ernakulam
9 Dibin Binoy Ernakulam
10 Fetnin Amerson A F Ernakulam
11 Mridhul M F Ernakulam
12 Thomas Jestin Ernakulam
13 Albin K V Thrissur
14 Ajay Joshi Thrissur
15 Akshay K B Thrissur
16 Akshay V V Thrissur
17 Ashik N S Thrissur
18 Ashif Zaheer Thrissur
19 Basil N T Thrissur
20 Edwin Babu Thrissur
21 Hari Krishan Thrissur
22 Indrajith P D Thrissur
23 Jishnu A V Thrissur
24 Muhammed Ansaf M A Thrissur
25 Nikhil Suresh Thrissur
26 Ninin Allan Thrissur
27 Pranav S C Thrissur
28 Rahul K P Thrissur
29 Raynold Joy Thrissur
30 Revinto Roy Thrissur
31 Rhishikesh C N Thrissur
32 Roshan V Gigi Thrissur
33 Sachin A Suresh Thrissur
34 Salman Faris Thrissur
35 Sanath Sunilkumar Thrissur
36 Thobias Francy Thrissur
37 Vajeesh A V Thrissur
38 Ajun Mohan Palakkad
39 Aravind K Saji Palakkad
40 Amal Hameed Malappuram
41 Mohammed Nishad Malappuram
42 Nakul T Malappuram
43 Shajam P Malappuram
44 Shebin Siraj Malappuram
45 Amal Shaji Kozhikode
46 Bibin Benny Kozhikode
47 Jidhu K Roby Kozhikode
48 Jofin Jose Kozhikode
49 Mohammed Anas Kozhikode
50 Sobin Balakrishnan Kozhikode
51 Alex Saji Wayanad
52 Nijil V Wayanad
53 Nithin N G Wayanad
54 Mohammed Ajnal Wayanad
55 Mohammed Ijaz Wayanad
56 Mohammed Sidan Wayanad
57 Rahul R Wayanad
58 Yashin Malik Wayanad
59 Afrid Kannur
60 Anshid Ismayit Kannur
61 Athul N Kannur
62 Randeer M Kannur
63 Shahid Kannur
64 Akshay Kumar Kasaragod